The Panathenea

A description of what took place in the great Panathenea

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A short intro

The Panathenea was the most important festival for Athens in the ancient Greek world. It included many events which lasted for days and was concided a holiday in Athens.

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Who was allowed where

All Citizens of the Polis (City of Athens) would/could take part in the event. However slaves could not. Only Athenian Citizens could pass through the Propylaea and into the Acropolis while the others had to stop and wait for another day when they would be able to assend to the top and see the Parthenon.

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The intinery of the walk

Everyone met at the Dipylon gate before dawn. The procession led by the Kanephoros made its way through the Agora and to the Acropolis. Non Athenians would then split up from the group while the rest carried on. Some sacrifices were made on the Areopagus in the front tample of Athena Nike. The clothes (which were made each year) were given to a wooden statue which was believed to be the godess Athena.

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On every forth year...The Great Panathenaea

On every forth year there was a Great Panathenaea. This Panathenaea was over sevrel days and consisted of Athletic contests, Music contests and Poetry contests.

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