The other Treaties

Treaties to deal with Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey

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Treaty of St. Germain 1919

  • Seperated Austria from Hungary 
  • Stopped Austria joining Germany
  • Made Austria limit its army - army restricted to 30,000 men 
  • Bohemia/Moravia were given to Czechoslovakia
  • Bosnia/Herzogivinia given to Yugoslavia (also included former Kingdom of Serbia) 
  • Austria lost 'Galicia' to Poland 
  • Austria lost land to Italy
  • Most industries were given to Czechoslavakia
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Treaty of Trianon 1920

  • Hungary loses 2/3 of its territories
  • Said to pay reparations, never did due to weak economy
  • Transylvania given to Romania
  • Slovakia/Ruthenia given to Czechoslovakia
  • Slovenia/Croatia given to Yugoslavia
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Treaty of Neuilly 1919

  • Army reduced to 20,000 men
  • Lost Western Thrace to Greece
  • Lost Northern Macedonia to Yugoslavia
  • Lost Drobrudja to Romania
  • Made to pay £100 million in reparations
  • Lost access to the Mediterranean Sea
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Treaty of Sévres 1920

  • Lost their empire, had to accept their colonies to be controlled by Britain and France or become independent countries
  • Lost access to the Black Sea
  • Lost Symrna to Greece
  • Syria mandate under French control
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