The Origins of the Nazis


Was Adolf Hitler Destined to be a dictator?

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  • He went to an oridnary school and enjoyed ordinary things - reading, listening to music, painting and boxing.     
  • His father was a hard-drinking bully who beat his son.     
  • Hitler's mother spoiled him and was determined he should get good grades at school and a well-paid job    
  • "He always wanted his own way. He was boastful, bad-tempered. He ignored advice and got angry if he was told off. At the same time, he demanded complete obedience from his fellow pupils"---> Teacher comment.     
  • He earned money by painting postcards to sell on the streets. He became jealous and full of hatred for people of foreign races and different religions, especially Jews. ---> lots of people were racist.     
  • He felt they were ruining Austria by taking all jobs and introducing their way of life.    
  • He went to live in Munich in Germany and volunteered to join the German army.     
  • In the war he did dangerous jobs of taking messages between the trenches. He won six medals, including two iron crosses, the highest bravery award in the German Army.         
  • He stayed in the army after the war, when many new political groups and parties were being created all over Germany. He worked as a V man, an army spy whose job was to investigate these new political groups.     
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How did Hitler help organize the Nazi Party-1920?

25 point programme

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  • It was a programme saying what the party was standing for, laying down 25 points in which they would enforce if they would come into power.
  • They openly proclaimed their hatred of communism. They saw the Social Democratic government as a communist government.

 The SA

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  • In 1912 Hitler set up his own private armt called the SA. Some were former members of the Freikorps.
  • They dressed in brown. 
  • To protect speakers at Nazi meetings. Started violence themselves by breaking up meetings of the Social Democratic Party.


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How did Hitler help organize the Nazi Party-1920?

The Swastika 

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  • Hitler personally designed the Nazi flag. 
  • The colours red, white and black had also been the colours of Germany's flag under the Kaiser.
  • Became the best-known political symbol in Germany. Striking and stands out. 

Hitler as leader

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  • 1922 Hitler was undisputed leader of the party.He was intelligent and decisive.
  • When doing a public speech, he would often arrive late at a meeting, then stand silent for several minutes. 
  • He would start softly and gradually build up to a furious finish, driving the audience wild with enthusiasm. Charismatic speaker.
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