The Night of the Long Knives 1934

The Night of the Long Knives 1934

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The Night of the Long Knives 1934

  • Hitler acted quickly to remove his opponents - within a year all opponents had either left Germany or had been sent to special concentration camps run by the **. Other political parties were banned
  • However, Hitler was still not entirely secure as the leading officers in the army were not impressed by him and where suspicious of the SA and its leader Rohm
  • The SA were a badly disciplined force and Rohm talked about making them into a second army
  • Hitler was also suspicious of Rohm and he feared that Rohm's control over 4 million SA men made him a potential dangerous rival
  • So, Hitler had to choose between the army and the SA - he made his choice and acted ruthlessly
  • On 29-30 June squads of ** men broke into the homes of Rohm and other leading figures in the SA and arrested them
  • Hitler accused them of plotting to overthrow him and murder him so over that weekend Rohm and 400 others were executed - This was known as the Night of the Long Knives
  • Hindenburg thanked Hitler for his determined action and the army was satisfied with the events of the weekend
  • The SA were not disbanded but remained as a paramilitary organisation without the influence they had before and some men went into the army or the **
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laura williamson


It was actually 200 other SA leaders that were executed, also including other 'opponents' of Hitler such as Von Schleicher! :)

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