The new economic policy by 1928: Why did Stalin make the Great Turn?

  • Factors that influnced Stalin's great turn away from the NEP.
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To produce a socialist society

· NEP- Not producing a socialist society

· It encouraged private markets + enterprise

· Party members and worked were keen to solidify the revolution

· The New plan was to socialise through Collectivisation- this would be the great turn

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In response to the war scare of 1926-7

· Highlighted soviet union’s vulnerability to attack

· Urgent need to produce armaments

· Fear of invasion increased

· Great would lead to industrialisation and enhance security.

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Distrust in the peasantry

· Stalin considered peasants as enemy’s of the state

· Could not be trusted to become good socialists

· “We now have to classes. The communists and the peasants”

· They needed to be collectivised in order for the necessary grain to be produced

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To take state planning to a new level

· Policies were not new but needed to be solidified

· Banks and mining were already understate control

· Stalin wished to create a ‘command economy’

· The introduction of the first five year plan marked the start of this process.

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