The nevous system

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Nerous system

The nerous sytem enables us to react to our surrounding and co-ordinate our behaviuor. The nerous system ismade up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.the brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS). the CNS co-ordinates responses. The nerves make up theperipheral nervous system. Imformation travels to and from the brain and spinal cord as fast moving electrical impulses along nerve.

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Sense organs

Sense organs enables us to detect changes in our surrounding (called stimuli).Sense organs have special cells called receptors that detect changes around us.

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Responding to changes

Stimulus- a change in our surroundings

Receptors- cells in ou sense organs that detect changes in our surrounding

sensory neurone- nerve that carries impulses from sense organs to the CNS

CNS- co-ordinates the response

Motor neurone- nerve that carries messages to effector

Effector- muscles or glands which bring about an action

Response- is a way of reacting to the stimulus

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The reflect arc

A reflect arc is a quick automatic response to a stimulus e.g. sitting on a pin, touching a hot object. They protect us.

A reflec arc shows the pathway of impulses to bring about an action

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A synapses is the gab between two nerves

1. Impulses get to the end of the neurone

2. Veccicles make chemical transmitters

3. chemicals diffuses across the gap starts off a new impulsein the next neurone

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