The Nature of God - Religious Studies


- A personal God

- An impersonal God

- An immanent God

- A transcendant God

- Problems with all 4

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A Personal God

-> God has 'human' characteristics and we can have a relationship with God.

-> God responds to prayers.

-> God might be seen as being a 'merciful father' or 'mighty King'


-> How can God be everywhere at the same time, care for all and answer all prayers if he is a person?

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An Impersonal God

-> God is more like a force than a person

-> No human characteristics

-> God is an absolute being.


-> How can people have a meaningful relationship with a 'force' or 'impersonal spirit'

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An Immanent God

-> God is present in the universe and involbed with life on Earth

-> People can experience God in their lives.

-> God acts in history and influences events


-> If God is 'in the world' does he become part of the world? How can he have created the world?

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A transcendant God?

-> God is beyond and outside life on Earth and the universe.

-> God is not limited by the world, time or space.

-> He existed before the creation and so is separate from it.

-> A God who is eternal, almighty, all-seeing and all-knowing must be beyond the world.

-> God is therefore impersonal - does not act within the world.


-> If God is remote and seperate, how can people relate to God?

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