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  • Late 1980s the Ukraine partly split & Nationalist protests grew.
  • Orthodox Ukrainian party lost membership.
  • By 1991 it was declared its own sovereignty.
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East Germany

  • Satellite state.
  • November 1998.
  • Mass demonstration- rise up against repression.
  • Overnight the gov & Deutschland Democratic Republic are gone.
  • Gorbachev does nothing= other states, both satellite & republic see the mass demonstration & begin to think the same ideology.
  • Evidence that G does nothig represents the idea that if you want something and protest for it you can get it.
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  • Aprill 1989.
  • March in support of independece was attacked by troops.
  • Sovereignty declared in Nov 1989.
  • Call for independece supported by 99% of Georgians by 1991.
  • May 1991 was the first freee election of a Republic leader.
  • IMPACT= First freee election of Republic leader alowed other Republic states to recognise tht it was just the satellite states that could uproar & gain the independece they wanted.
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  • Velvet revolution.
  • Posters spread about getting rid of Czech leader.
  • Nov 1989= Police supress peaceful student protest which sparked more protests.
  • By Nov 20th the protest swelled from 200000 to 500000 protesters.
  • IMPACT= showed evidence of successful demosntrations that had fuelled off others, encouraging other states to do the same.
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  • Suffered most during WW2 with 1/4 of their population dying.
  • Communists remained strong against opposition in 1990.
  • No changes were made due to the protests calling for political changes.
  • IMPACT= showed that the Belorussia leader & Gorbachev weren't the push overs that they seemed.
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