The Murder of Maria Marten, or The Red Barn

Victorian wider reading, English literature AS

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Women and gender: Maria Marten

“What could you want with me, a poor man’s daughter?”

 “...a ruined daughter with an ailing child.”

“I will not hear a word against him! William Corder loves me!”

“Now, wife, you keep your place.”

"It would be all I ever longed for”

“I am but a simple, country girl No gentleman would think of me.”

“If you marry me, I’ll make you as happy as a queen. You know that my family is well off and we should want for nothing.”

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Women and gender: Maria Marten

“…a child – the offspring of her shame – has been born.”

“…he has lodged Maria Marten to hide her shame.”

“I am a betrayed, ruined woman scorned by all who know my shame.”

“But William shall marry me – I hold his promise. He shall give me back my honour,”

“…disgraced by my misdeed.”

“…now you fall – fall to earth never to rise again.”

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Social problems, poverty and the class divide: Mar

“Make thy curtsy, wife!”

“Mrs Corder bids us go, and we’ve no choice but to obey”

“The gentry have their laws, and we, the common folk, obey.”

“I be that hungry I reckons as how I could eat a whole horse all by myself”

 “It is only for family reasons that our union has been delayed.”

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Social problems, poverty and the class divide: Mar

“My dear mother chides me often and tells me that I have ideas above my station”

“What a delicate hand! This was never meant to be given to a peasant.”

“I’ll have no dealings with common gypsies. Be off, before I send for the officers of the law and have you, and all your filthy tribe, thrown from off the common where you have pitched your ragged tents.”

“But whatever would folks say to see Maria Marten, the molecatcher’s daughter, in company with the son of the rich Mr. Corder?”

“…strict ideas of honour and virtue.”


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New attitudes to science, culture and religion: Ma

“I can see into your future and, if you will, I can teach you your destiny.”

“…May God be with you always.”

“…the balls, the concerts, the theatres and all the joys that make life worth living.”

“We are all sinners and should be merciful in our judgement of each other.”

“…lost eternally in the eyes of heaven.”

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hey, as i havnt read the book can you tell me what is happening roughly when the following quotes are said:

now, wife, keep your place

may god be with you always

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