the main events for the suffrage people 1906- 1914

just the dates really ;)

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liberal landslide victory, prime minister Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman supports votes for womem, but ministers are divided

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oct 1906

NUWSS continues campaign for women of petition and meetings.

WSPU members protest in the house of commons, they are arrested and sent to prison.

WSPU camapign noisily opposing MPs at by-elections

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Feb 1907

the NUWSS organise processions in London, over 3,000 women march called the mud march because of bad weather

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Herbert Asquith becomes PrimeMinister, he is agaisnt votes for women but tells them there is popular support for the idea

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june 1908

both suffragettes and suffragists organise massive prossessions in London with supporters coming from all over the country,

however Asquith does nothing and in frustration suffragettes start smashing windows in downing street and later chainging themseves to railing.

Both groups gowing in members

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late 1908

split between the NUWSS and the WSPU starts.

the suffragists are worried that the suffragettes activities are making the governemtn hostile to votes for women

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more WSPU members were sent to prison, demand to be treated as political prisoners go on huger strike. governemnt does not want dead women on its hands and starts force feeding them. 

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the WSPU calls off its violent protests when Asquith agrees to work with them and the NUWSS to produce the conciliation bill giving women the vote at first it does well in the house of commons but then asquith begins to stall.

the WSPU protests and this turns into 'black friday'  a fight with the police with many women being physicall and sexualy assulted by officers :O

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the WSPU again call a truce in the hope that the conciliation bill will be passed, governemtn then announces that it is dropping it. It introduces a new reform bill to give more votes to men.

WSPU are furious and re-starts its campaign of violence

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The WSPU starts a massive campaign of window smashing many arrests follow the wspu headquarters are raided and some of its leaders arrested, christabel flees

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violence increases for example in letter builings bombed and burnt down letters boxes destroyed turf at race cources burnt.

governemtn introduces the cat and mouse act - women were allowed to go on hunger strike in prison, they were released when they became ill only to be re-arrested when they recovered

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june 1913

emily davison kills herself by running into the kings horse at derby. the NUWSS is desparately trying to win over the public opinion in the womens pilgrimage women walk from London from all over Britain raising thosands of pounds on the way

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WSPU violence escalates, public opinion now firmly against the suffragettes, women baned from art galleries and museums.

WW1 starts and all violence and activites stops and they start to help the war effort, government releases all WSPU prisoners

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