The Madness of King George Character Anaylsis

Character analysis of The Madness of King George by Alan Bennett

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King George


  • Upholds decorum
  • Always active-Permanatly on the move
  • Cares for peasants-'Farmer George'
  • Kind to subjects- doesn't punish attempted assasin 
  • Loves his wife- affectionatly refers to her as 'Mrs King' even when mentally unstable he still asks after her
  • Hard-working - leads to mental illness
  • Disgusted by laziness - complains about his sons becoming 'fatter, always fatter'
  • Strong willed
  • Adored by public
  • Sophisticated but has little time for frills and extravangances -should be reflected in costumes
  • "What what"
  • Smart
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Queen Charlotte


  • Not overtly intelligent but not stupid
  • Kindly
  • Loves King
  • Stands by King on all matters-believes in autocrasy
  • Similar dress to the king- united
  • German-disliked by public
  • 2 dimensional character 
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Prince of Wales and Duke of York


  • Stupid
  • Easily manipulated
  • Cares only for 'Brighton, Bath' 
  • Drunkard
  • Fat
  • Cares only for fashion
  • Didn't understand the responsiblity bestowed upon them
  • Camp
  • Cared only for status -had a huge range of mistresses
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Lady Elizabeth Pembroke


  • Lady in waiting to King
  • Subject to King lusting under madness
  • Beautiful
  • Slightly promiscius dress
  • Sensible
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Captain Fitzroy

  • An experienced equerry to the King
  • Cares primarily for decorum
  • Cares for the King as well but is unsure how to act when it comes into opposition with decorum
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  • A novice equerry
  • Acts as a character similar to the audience -new to the situation
  • Unsure in his actions
  • 'Radical ideas' -more modern ideals about decorum (like the audience
  • Mostly watches the situation though becomes exasperated by the lack of sensible action
  • Voice of reason
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Sir George Baker


  • Stupid
  • Obsessed with taking people's pulses
  • High regard for decorum
  • Believes in autocracy
  • Fears the king
  • Nervous deposition
  • Ignorant of common sense
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Sir Lucas Pepys and Dr Richard Warren

Sir Lucas Pepys

  • Obssesed with poo
  • Consulting doctor for Baker
  • Passive (agrees with everything Baker says)
  • Similar views and character to Baker (like Baker's shadow) -characterisation and costume must reflect this

Dr Richard Warren

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