The Lovely Bones Quotes


Family realise that Jack has gone

1. "Dad's not here!" - Lindsey

2. "Mom! Mom! Dad's gone!" - Buckley

3. 'Lindsey rushed into the kitchen.'

4. 'he anxiously sucked his thumb.'

5. "Mom, we have to help Daddy." - Buckley

6. 'panicked tears'

7. "what if he's hurt?" - Lindsey

8. 'Buckley stopped crying long enough to look back and forth' - anxious, worried, scared

9. 'grabbing her coat and keys and lipstick' - Len Fenerman, affair later on in text

10. 'Buckley had gone to cling to my sister' - Breakdown of family, later leads to Abigail leaving

11.  'My mother faced the stove.' - Paralanguage - Running away from her problems, later leaves

12. "Don't you see...?" - Abigail - Monosyllabic words, lexical sentence

13. "Buckley, stop milking your thumb!" - Abigail - Ignored question

14. 'my sister reached her arms down to pull him in tighter.' - Comforting

15. 'She looked at our mother.' - Lindsey saying see? We need to do something, and look what you have done to him now.

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Susie getting ***** and murdered scene

1. 'I was aware that Mr. Harvey was looking at me strangely.' - Leads to her **** and murder

2. 'but they usually didn't lose their marbles over me when I was wearing my royal blue parka and yellow elephant bell-bottoms.' - Weird behaviour. **********. Rapes and murders young children.

3. 'I felt like observing my way out of there' - Scared. Knows Mr. Harvey's behaviour is weird

4. 'It felt harder even than frozen earth' - Metaphor for her ****

5. 'I was no longer cold or weirded our by the look he had given me.' - Knew how to manipulate people into thinking that he is something that he is not.

6. "It's after dark Susie" - Harvey - Weird behaviour

7. "Be polite and have a coke" - Harvey - Starting to show his true colours

8. "I'm sure the other kids would." - **********. Planing on doing the same to other children? A trap?

9. "Why don't you take off your parka." - Harvey - Weird behaviour

10. "You're very pretty, Susie" - Harvey - **********

11. "Do you have a boyfriend?" - Harvey - **********

12. "I don't know why you think you're leaving." - Harvey - Weird behaviour - Leads to **** and murder of Susie

13. "Take off your clothes." - Harvey - Abour to **** her. **********.

14. "I want to check that you're still a virgin." - Harvey - **********

15. "I want to make sure. Your parents will thank me." - Harvey - Emotional blackmail

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