The Locarno Treaties 1925

The Locarno Treaties in 1925

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The Locarno Treaties

  • In October 1925 representatives from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Czechoslovakia meet in Locarno, Switzerland
  • After many days of negotiation they came to some important agreements:
    • Germany accepted the borders with France and Belgium that were decided in the Treaty of Versailles and Britain and Italy said they would protect France if Germany violated these borders
    • Germany accepted that the Rhineland would remain a demilitarised zone
    • France and Germany agreed to settle any disputes through the League
  • The agreements were greeted with enthusiasm especially in France as the agreements seemed to resolve the problems left from WW1
  • France felt it was at last secure of its borders and Germany had shown more goodwill to France than ever before
  • The agreements paved the way for Germany to join the League of Nations and in 1926 they did join
  • This meant that the only major European power  that was not in the League was the USSR
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