The Liver

Structure, histology, roles.

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  • Hepatic artery- oxygenated blood liver --> heart
  • hepatic portal vein- deoxygenated blood gut--> liver
  • hepatic vein- deoxygenated blood from liver
  • hepatocytes- liver cells which line sinusoids. Blood --> sinusoids materials removed by hepatocytes e.g. glucose, oxygen, AA's. add co2. prominent nucleous, golgi, mitochondria, lysosomes, microvilli, glycogen rich
  • hepatocytes release bile into canalicu
  • several lobes- shape depends on blood flow


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  • carbohydrate metabolism

role of insulin- sugars carried in hepatic portal vein

body converts galactose and fructose into glucose

glucose stored as glycogen in liver and muscles,

insulin causes glucose <--phosphorylation--> glucose phosphate <--condensation--> glycogen glycogenesis

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role 2


absorbed in small intine (illeum)

chlomicrons discharge fat in addipose tissue, rest taken to liuver

cant travel in blood (carried as chlomicrons)

some excreeted from the liver in bile as cholesterol and some as bile salts.

cholesterol in VLDL's

when body low on cholesterol liver makes it

needed for steroid hormone formation e.g. oestrogen, membrane fluidity, and waterproofing skin.

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