The kidneys...

how the kidneys work :)

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1) a high pressure is built up which squeezes water, urea, ions and sugar out of the blood and into Bowmans capsule

2)the membranes between the blood vessels and the bowmans capsule actlke filters so big molecules like proteins and clood cells are not squeezed out.


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as the liquid flows long the nephron, useful substances are reabsorbed beack into the blood:

1) all the sugar is reabsorbed, it invovles the process of active transport against the concentration gradient

2) sufficient ions are reabsorbed, Excess ions are NOT. Active transport is again needed

3) sufficient water is reabsorbed

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release of waste

the remaining substances (including urea) continue out of the nephron, into the ureter and down the bladder as urine

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