The Johnson County War 1892

What you actually need to know about the Johnson County War - the basics. For American West GCSE level

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The Causes

Cattle Barons angry because:

  • Cattle Rustlers
  • Disputes over land
  • Loss of profits

They hired Frank Canton a gun fighter. Jim Averill had wrote about the Barons in a negative way him and his partner ( a prostitute)  were lynched.  

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They planned to

  • Capture town
  • Kill the Sherrif
  • They had 70 men on a death list

Payed men $5 a day or a $50 bonus for killing cattle rustlers

They were helped by The govenor of Wyoming - showed the corruption in law

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Why did they fail?

  • They underestimated the skills of the townsfolk
  • Chapman and kay held up invaders all day until they were burned out and killed
  • The people of Johnson County were prepared because whilst the invaders had been held back news had travelled

The Results

  • The US cavalry had to rescue the invadors
  • However the invaders were not convicted but never had the same amount of power
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