The Irish Question

The 3 Issues of the Irish Question is Religion, Land, Political Relations.

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The Irish Question: Religion.

  • Most of Ireland Catholic but the  established Church of Ireland was Protestant.
  • Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church Act 1869 Passed by the Liberal Prime Minister in his first ministry.  The act meant that the Protestant Church of Ireland would be disestablished.  That meant that catholics wouldn't have to pay the Tithes.  Disendowment meant that land/money/property was taken away from church.
  • Gladstone did this because the Irish vote was needed for the liberal party and he said : 'My mission is to Pacify Ireland.'
  • There was no longer an established church in Ireland.
  • Religion was not an issue after the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church Act 1869


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The Irish Question: Land.

Tories solve the problem with the Wyndham Land Act 1903.

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