The Ireland Rebellion

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Why did Hugh O'neill rebel?

  • wanted to rule Ulster without any interference
  • his title hindered his chances of truly owning or ruling Ulster
  • he lacked influence at court and in the Privy Council
  • Queen would not give him any commission for ruling Ulster
  • surrender and re-grant policy had re-surfaced
  • he was Irish & Elizabeth's rule was not benefitting Ireland
  • death of his friends Walsingham and Leicester - had no one to speak for him at the centre of power
  • didn't own Ulster
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Problems with Ireland

  • Catholic country - people oppose Elizabeth & protestantism (different culture)
  • Spanish could use Ireland as a place to invade
  • military problems & geographical distance
  • indirect rule - fertile land plantations through sale (controversial) or given to English landowners - patronage
  • Philip supported rebels
  • colonisation of English in Ireland
  • Hugh O'neill not as loyal to England
  • Catholicism outlawed in Ireland - Elizabeth
  • surrender and regrant system
  • uneasy peace with Shane; Shane murdered by rival clan
  • local Irish leaders bought with money and patronage
  • problems escalate
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