The Interwar Years

Revision cards covering everything from 1919 to 1939.

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The Peace Settlement

World War One : 1914 - 1918 (Nov 11th, armistice), Allies (Britain, France, USA) won, had to agree on Peace Treaty!


1. Millions were dead/injured. Countries devestated. Too much money spent on the war.

2. Wanted Germany to talk all the blame, especially Britain and France. Germany & co. not allowed in peace talks.

3. Make sure war wouldn't happen again, but couldn't agree. System of Alliances had failed.

THE BIG THREE (France, Britain, USA)

France: Georges Clemenceau, Prime Minister, punish Germany harshly

Britain: David Lloyd George, Prime Minister, punish Germany to a degree

USA: Woodrow Wilson, President, be fair - to avoid war

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The Peace Settlement cont.

Obviously there was a disagreement, so they came to a compromise. The USA was impartial because they had suffered less then the other two countries.


Came up with the 14 Points, Jan 1918.

Germany rejected them at the time. Changed their minds eventually, wanted the peace settlement based on them.

The Allies refused them because Germany had.

1. No secret treaties

2. Freedom of movement on the sea for all

3. Free trade between countries

4. Disarmament by all countries

5. Colonies to have a say in their own future

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The Peace Settlement cont. 2

6. Russia to be free of German troops

7. Belgium to be independent

8. Alsace-lorraine to go to France

9. New frontier between Austria & Itlay

10. Self-determination for people in Turkish Empire

11. Serbia to have access to the sea

12. Self-determination for people in Turkish Empire

13. Poland to be independant with access to the sea

14. League of Nations to settle disputes

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