The Inquisition

The inquisition in Spain in the reigns of Ferdinand and Isabella, Charles and Philip.

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  • Established in 1478 in Castile by Pope Sixtus because of concern about conversos.
  • Whilst anti-semitism was growing, both monarchs had jewish doctors and jewish men in their court, and isabella said 'all jews in my realms are mine and under my care.'
  • No inquisitors were appointed until 1480
  • 1483 the inquisition extended to Aragon. It was the only institutuin who's authority ran throughout the whole of Spain.
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  • In Barcelona between 1488-1505, the I tried 1200 people, all but 8 were conversos.
  • In it's first decade, the I burnt 2000 people
  • At the end of 1482, the I ordered the expulsion of jews from Andalucia. By 1484 they had been driven out of Seville
  • by mid 80s jews as well as conversos under attack
  • In Valencia, 80% death penalties were issued before 1530
  • Increased persecution at time of communeros
  • Under Charles reign, people felt less under threat from minroutes. In the last 20 years of his reign 84% of the accused were christians.
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