The importance of work

-prevents boredom.

-It's only fair everyone does there bit if tey can.

-It's healthy for you to keep active.

-It helps with daily life.

But- however ther is not enough ork around at the moment for everyone to work.

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Religion and Work

-The bible says: "if a man will not work, he shall not eat"

-god put man in the garden of eden  to work

-"Painful toil...all thedays of your life"

But-on the 7th day God rested

 Christians believe leisure is important because "The body is a temple"

-All other major religions see work as a good thing  

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Causes of unemployment + Effects of unemployment

-not enough skills or someone with better skills

-laziness/more money from benefits

-Firms or industries o bankrupt

-Can't pay bills:poverty and hmelessness


-Other buisinesses suffer:restuarants etc

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