The impacts of the peace of Westphalia

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Decline in Habsburg Power

Sovereignty and independence of each state was recognized -> emperor virtually powerless due to voting rights recognised and Edict of Restitution cancelled

Emperor's position became nominal, not political

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Religious Change

Introduction of Corpus Catholicorum and Corpus Evangelicorum

Catholicism, Lutheranism and Calvinism all secure

Balance of Catholic and reformist Judges in Imperial court -> no one could overule

Decline in Habsburg power - less desire for Catholicism

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Influence of Foreign states

Sweden gained West Pomerania, Verden and Bremen

Sweden dominated Baltic for rest of Centuary

Increased revenue by taxing trade

Control of land within empire made Sweden a central Euro power, but French support limited influence.

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Emergence of Brandenberg

Gained East Pomerania and several ecclesiatical territories including Magdeberg

Clever diplomacy = gained French support to prevent Swedish dominance in North of Empire

Marriage alliance with Dutch House of Orange - strengthened dynasty

Brandenberg eventually emerges in 18thC as Brandenberg-Prussia (most dominant state north of Empire)

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