The Impact of Climate Change on the Hydrological cycle?

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Wetter and Drier?

Some places where water is naturally scare may become even more drought stressed in the future.


A wamer world will also be one where more evaporation takes place over the oceans- so it will rain more due to more water in the clouds.

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Change in Average Rainfall

In the 2050's rainfall levels are expected to change dramatically. Scotland's rainfall is generally expected to increase by 10% whereas in the South East and around London it is only expected to increase by 2%

By the 2080's everywhere in Yorkshire's rainfall levels have increased by 20%, however Cornwall and Devon's rainfall level has only increased by 10%.

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Water Supplies in America - Case Study

  • The South West is dependent on the Colorado River it is already too dry and has a poor irragtion system.
  • Las Vegas have doubled their water consumption between 1985 and 2000
  • Arizona saw a 40% rise in population duing the 1990's
  • For Las Vegas 2002, 2004 and 2007 were some of the driest years on record.
  • In Las Vegas plastic turf has been used instead of grass and drought- landscaping is now encouraged.
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Water Supplies in Asia- Case Study

  • People in China, India and Vietnam get there water from the seasonal melting if the Hymalian Glaciers
  • Every summer water melts from the Tibetan plateu into Yellow river and Mekong
  • As long as ice accumulates in the Winter they are guareteed watder for the next summer.
  • A much warmer climate wold mean thta it would permentaltly melt and then dissapear, which would severly reduce the water supplies available.
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