the hydrological cycle key words

These are the key terms needed for the hydrological cycle/water cycle. I have used these for environmental studies for the physical environment but they may also be useful for geography.

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Moisture in the form of rain, sleet, snow, hail, drizzle etc. that falls from clouds

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Precipitation trapped by vegetation before it reaches the ground.

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Through fall

Precipitation initially trapped by vegetation before slowly dripping to the ground surface.

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Stem flow

Precipitation initially trapped by vegetation that runs down the branches and stems of plants to the ground

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The vertical movement of water under a gravitational pull from the surface of the ground to the soil.

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The vertical movement of water under the gravitational pull from top soil through to underlying soil and permeable rock.

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ground water

Water trapped in rock under soil.

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overland flow

The movement of water across a ground surface in a thin sheet or film.

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through flow

The lateral movement of water beneath the soil surface.

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ground water flow

Simply, the lateral movement of ground water

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The volume of water passing a particular point on a river bank at any one time.

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The loss of water from a surface to the atmosphere through the transformation of liquid water to water vapour.

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The loss of water from the surface of leaves of plants through the stomata

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The combined moisture loss from evaporation and transpiration form a surface into the atmosphere.

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The transformation of water vapour into liquid water from the atmosphere.

(the opposite of evaporation)

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Water table

The saturated level of water below rock.

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Catchment area

The area where rainfall/precipitation supplies a river.

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