The hydrological cycle in a drainage basin

Key terms and definitions

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Where liquid water changes to water vapour due to heat

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Water stored in rocks and soil beneath the water table

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Any form of moisture deposited on the earth's surface (e.g rain, fog, dew, frost, snow)

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Water which moves sideways through soil

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Overland flow (or surface runoff)

Water that runs on top of the land

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A small river or stream which runs into a larger river

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Water table

The top of the ground water

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Drainage basin

An area drained by a river and it's tributes

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Channel flow

Watr which runs as a stream or a river

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Water which soaks vertical down into soil

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Where water is lost from within plant leaves

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Where plants prevent water from reaching the ground

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Groundwater flow

Water moving in rocks below the water table

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Water shed

The line marking the edge of the drainage basin

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Where water soaks down into rocks

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