The Hydrological Cycle

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  • Water falls to earth as either liquid (rain) or in a frozen state (snow, hail)
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  • Water vapour (gas) changes back into water (liquid). 
  • It forms small droplets which are visible as clouds
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Surface Run - Off

  • Most water returns to the sea in form of rivers. 
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  • The transfer of water from plants to the air (as water vapour).  
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  • The transfer of water from the sea to the air as water vapour. 
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  • Water moves towards rocks under the earth and travels to the river channel
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  • The transfer of water from the soil to the surface.
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Ground Water

  • Water stored in rocks following percolation.
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  • When the soil is full of moisture
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  • Trees catch rain on its leaves/branches before the precipitation reached the ground. 
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