the human eye

insight of eye

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function of eye

AQUEOUS HUMOUR- The fluid under pressure in the front of the eye to keep it in shape.

VITREOUS HUMOUR- the gelatenious fluid under pressure at the back of the eye to keep it in shape.

CORNEA- refracts light rays as they enter the eye.

PUPIL- the gap in the centre of the iris, allowing light to pass through lens.

IRIS- coloured part of the eye that controls size of pupil.

LENS- controls fine focussing of light rays.

CILIARY MUSCLES- controls diameter of th ring of suspensory ligaments, therefore the diameter of lens.

SUSPENSORY LIGAMENT- holds lens in position and enables any outward pull to change lens shape.

CHOROID- area coloured black by melanin, which absorbs light and prevents it being reflected inside eye.

OPTIC NERVE- bundle of nerve fibres carring action potential to brain.


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