The Haber Process

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What is it for?

Nitrogen+ Hydrogen-> Ammonia

Ammonia is used as a fertiliser


Nitrogen is obtained from the air

Hydrogen comes from a nat. gas+ other sources, e.g. crude oil

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Pressure: 200 atm

Temperature: 450oC

Catalyst: Iron

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The process itself

Hydrogen from natural gas and nitrogen from air are combined at a pressure of 200 atmospheres and a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius using an iron catalyst, to produce ammonia (

1) Gases are pumped into the compressor, where they are pressurised to 200 atm

2) The pressured gases enter the tank with beds of iron catalyst and react

3) Ammonia and unreacted nitrogen and hydrogen enter the cooling tank, where ammonia liquifies and is removed

4) Unreacted hydrogen+ nitrogen are recycled as they are fed back through pipes to the tank with iron beds

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