The Gulf Hyperconnected Hub

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Hyperconnected Hub

2 billion people live within a 4 hour flying zone of the Gulf

4 billion people live within a 7 hour fly zone of the Gulf

Bahrain 88% connected to the internet in 2009

  • investment in education- oil and gas rich
  • investment in adult literacy- Oman 55% in 1990 in 2009 81%
  • government sponsered national flag carriers, UAE has 37 million hub passenger traffic in 2009 with 140 aircraft on order
  • Dubai increase in three runways in 2010 with a carrying capacity of 120 million
  • UAE built business parks and developed a global knowlegde economy
  • Yemen and Palestine experience conflict and terrorism
  • UAE property bubble in 2008-2009
  • Arab culture is very different
  • Relies on desalination
  • Reef destruction damage Gulfs ecosystem
  • Gulf relies on cheap South Asia labour
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