The Great Terror 1936-1938

This is a basic of the knowledge as a brief reminder

have done a more detailed mindmap :)

The Great terror consisted of 

1. 3 Moscow Show Trials which removed older high-profile Communists (which is more detailed in a mindmap I have already done :) )

2. The NKVD was reorganised

3. Mass murder in society

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the 3 Moscow Trials

1: 1st Show Trial -------Trial of the Sixteen

August 1936

Kamenev & Zinoviev + 14 other comrades

2: 2nd Show Trial------ Trial of the Seventeen

January 1937

Trotsky's former allies

3: 3rd Show Trial-------Trial of the Twenty-one

March 1938

Bukharin, Rykov & their 'comrades'

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The Yezoshchina: Radicalism of the NKVD

Fall of Yagoda 

  • Did not trust Yagoda, did not firm enough during the Trail of the 16

  • Stalin also believed he'd failed to provide evidence against Bukharin. 
  • Allowed Trotsky to comit suicide before the trial
  • Doubts due to Bukharin's report that he was more sympathetic with Rykov
  • Yezhov created suspiscions & said Yagoda should step down

A New- Style NKVD

  • Created targets for arrests, executions & exile
  • Purged NKVD of loyalists to Yagoda or Bukharin
  • New recruits (career minded, administrators, thugs)
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Mass Murder in Society

  • arrest lists of 250,000 +
  • 28% shot
  • 72% 10 years in Gulags

including scientists, artists, writers , musicians, managers, administrators & historians 

accused of leading terrorists groups

  • Random arrests, people terrified & accused others
  • Society de-stabilised as others blamed other, spirals
  • Campaign to encourage accusations of party officials made & to 'seek out' hidden enemies
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