THE GREAT TERROR (1936-1938)

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  • Yagoda was replaced as head of NKVD by Yezhov.
  • He was tried alongside Buckharin and Rykov in the final Moscow show Trial. 
  • Stalin had never really truseted Yagoda, he thought his handling of the Kirov affair and the Trail of the Sixteen had not been handled firm enough. 
  • He was sentenced to death following trial of the Twenty One. 


  • 1937 Stalin purged the NKVD itself. 
  • Period of the purges were also known as YEZOVSHCHINA.
  • Between 1934 and 1938 333,000 party members were being convicted as being enemies of the people. 
  • 34,000 soldiers were purged from the army. 
  • Many Russians would denounce their friends and neighbours to the NKVD.
  • Yezhov resigned as head of NKVD in NOV 1938 and then two years laterwas arrested in April.
  • Feb 1940 he was executed and replaced by BERIA. 
  • An NKVD agent broke into Trotsky's house and killed him with an icepick. 
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