The Great Gatsby minor characters

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Fitzgerald uses him to highlight the tension between appearance and reality in Gatsby's life. Amazed books in his library are real, never been read- just 'props'.

He also emphasises the importance of appearance in the 'Egg community'. Realises library a facade- "didn't cut the pages".

Praises Gatsby's attention to detail with maintaining an illusion... Compares him to David Belascobroadway producer with realistic sets.

This shows omniscient knowledge of Gatsby being both an entertainer and an illusionist.

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Also may have a SYMBOLIC presence.

Owls are a symbol of wisdom

 Shown by him being the only character who see's through Gatsby's persona. (see previous card).

Owls are a bad omen;

 Foreshadows the carcrash, is in accident leaving the party and mistaken to be the driver.

"If one brick was moved the whole library would fall apart"- Such as if one part of G's image were to falter his whole illusion would shatter.

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By showing Wolfshiem in the way he does, Fitzgerald presents a certain attitude to race.

Could be used to hint at Nick's unreliable narrative.

How he mocks his speech and the description of him suggests his Anti-Semetic prejudice and willingness to judge people.

Could be reflecting general prejudice.

Racist presentation of Jews common at this time, Nick may simply be used to reflect general fear and ignorance many American's had about Jewish people.

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Michaelis is a two dimensional character presented as a fairly reliable witness.

Fitgerald uses him as a narrative device when Nick isn't present.

Contrasts to upper class;

They leave Wilson alone, he stays. Shows selfishness of the others...

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