The Great Gatsby Critics

6 quotes from critics of the Great Gatsby

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Babara Will (about character Gatsby)

'He is for most of the novel a force of corruption: a criminal, a bootlegger and an adulterer.'

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Barbara Will

'What matters to Gatsby matterrs to us; Gatsby's story is our story, his fate and the fate of the nation intwined.'

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Frederick C Millet

'Green is the colour of the promise, hope and renewal.'

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Frederick C Millet

'Daisy tells Gatsby he reminds her of an advertisment. This statement confirms that Daisy does not like Gatsby for himself but a superficial illusion he represents.'

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Bryant Mangum

'The green light which carries meaning at every level of the story- as Gatsby's go ahead sign, money, as the breast of the green world.'

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Bryant Mangum (talking of Dr TJ eckleburg)

'Reminder that god has been replaced by fading signs of American Materialism.'

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