The Great Gatsby- Chapter 5

Aspects of Narrative for Chapter 5

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Chronological- the arrangements leading to the occasion- long and detailed- add suspense

Entire chapter dedicated to Daisy and Gatsby's reunion- these two people most important thing in Nick's life- Nick jealous?

Another song- piano- link to children's voices in previous chapter- in remembrance of Daisy and Gatsby's youth- distinct lack of children now- children come from love

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Point of View

Nick's point of view- detailed description- places himself in prominent position throughout the chapter- although not really his place to be there- just the use of his house

Attributed speech- portrayal of feelings of characters- good sense of emotions- detailed observances- what they actually sound like- or what Nick wants them to sound like?

References to time and weather- set the scene and tone- pathetic fallacy- reestablishes Nick as a good storyteller- keeps reader absorbed

Reunion is Gatsby and Daisy's moment- whole thing is seen by the reader through Nick's eyes- possibly his emotions- pretending he's in Daisy's position?

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Nick's house- familiar to both Gatsby and Daisy- but not a home for either of them- puts Nick on higher ground- feels he has the right to be in on the action- puts Gatsby and Daisy on similar, neutral ground

Gatsby's mansion- Nick passing the focus onto Gatsby- his intention throughout the novel- yet he still goes with them

Finally getting to the aim of Gatsby's plans- potentially the real start to the real novel?

Pathetic fallacy- rain easing away- plans are succeeding- flowers suggest spring time- fresh start

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The weaker side to Gatsby's character- vulnerable- Nick wants to present himself as the helping hand- suggests Gatsby is a real person- not the perfect person Nick continues to insinuate- Nick's attempt to gain gratitude from Gatsby

Nick taking a harder approach- perhaps jealousy making him angry- wants to show he is a gentleman as well- considering the feelings of Daisy- one moment where he feels people could compare him to the greatness of his neighbour

Daisy as a more feminine character- true feelings and emotions- without the distraction of Tom or Jordan

Klipspringer- perpetual reminder of how Gatsby is used- taken advantage of- Gatsby doesn't care- only has one aim- ignorant of everything else going on around him

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Rain symbolising the relationship will not work- ease in the weather- suggests they may find temporary happiness

Reinforcement of Nick's obsession with Gatsby- long and detailed chapter on the engagement- his presence prominent

Old money versus new money- indicated by the shirts- Daisy's tears- recognition of the dilemma she is- that she never actually made a mistake- on account of her status

Love and regret- greed- impatience

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