The Great Gatsby- Chapter 4

Aspects of Narrative in Chapter 4

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Back to single day accounts

Listing- names of people who attended Gatsby's parties- references where they came from- who they were

Exact references to time- times of day- when particular events occurred

Flashback to Gatsby's past- change of narration- Jordan telling the story- Nick recording her words

Addition of a verse of a song- change of mood- potential turning point in the novel- in the structure

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Point of View

Nick's view- opinions on all the guests- what he remembers about them- significant details to him- possibly insignificant for the reader- although helps to build a picture of society

Attributed speech- Gatsby- Mayor Wolfsheim- impersonation of accent- reflected in Nick's phonetic spellings- creates an unrealistic aura- portrays Nick as ignorant- he finds situation and company comical

Jordan's recount- Daisy's wedding- beginning of Gatsby and Jordan- current situation a deluded repetition of the past- everything but the emotions are the same as before

Lyrics of a children's song- reflect innocent mood?

Wolfsheim's story of his friends- as if from a different culture- Nick cannot identify with such a society- gives reader an alternative view of the world they lived in

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Nick's book of names- typical of Nick's storytelling- perhaps a subjective view of the people- somewhat reflects the book Mr Gatz presents of Gatsby's at the end- cyclical structure

Gatsby's car- he stands on higher ground- talking with authority in his own veihcle- Nick therefore reader unsure of truth of his tales- foreshadowing the importance to prove identity- others unsure about the truth of the accident

Restaurant- neutral ground- potentially no secrets- unknown situation for everyone- opportunity for truth and lack of subtlety- in fact Meyer Wolfsheim and Gatsby are anything but open people

Another car- every turning point in the novel takes place with the presence of a car- leads smoothly to next section of the novel

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Names of guests- lots of fish and animals- many foreign names- suggests individuality- although distinct lack of individuality amongst upper class- everyone desires to have ultimate wealth

Mystery surrounding Gatsby- he has a desire to be believed- takes proof with him wherever he goes- then increases ambiguity during encounter with police officer

Meyer Wolfsheim- Nick considers himself a cut above the company- racist views- Jews as rogues and villains- mocks particular accent

Jordan- not as confident when young- her personality and independence has come with age- initially relied on others' wealth- American Dream worked for her

Daisy as weak and greedy

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Gatsby's past- old money, not new- not reflected in his past- has a new past- prefers to forget his origins- must prove who he is

Proleptic hints of the car accident- supposed truth occurs in his car- still a mystery surrounding the truth

Disatisfaction of Daisy- money and wealth as creating a corrupt culture

Nick and Jordan as merely onlookers- something which bonds them- Nick fails to realise this because of his obsession with Gatsby

Wolfsheim- unruly friend- insinuating Gatsby may come to a bad end- feud between Tom and Gatsby- predicting future

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