The Great Gatsby aspects of narrative

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chapter 1

Narrative voice : Nick telling and reflecting on his first impression and about his past. How the city isnt a place to be.

Dialect: Father's words linking to the themes of the novel, of how people see each other

Foreshadowing: Hints already that something has happened to Gatsby

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chapter 3

Setting: colourful description and dream like.

Time: there is an order and a structure to Gatsby's life, "every Monday"

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chapter 4

narrative time: dates and event used through out. Story telling.

forshadowing: passing of the hearse, forshadowing the death of Gatsby

narrative voice: shows that there is something that Gatsby is hiding. Shows Nick is worried

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chapter 5

symbolism: the shirts, the dream of what Daisy could of had

actions: how love effects Gatsby, nervous.

turning point: change between Gatsby and Daisy. they are together again

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chapter 7

weather: the weather reflects the mood of the love triangle. This is the cooling of the love affair

characterisation of Daisy: attention seeking and manipulative of Gatsby

symbolism: the daughter shows the link between Tom and Daisy and that Gatsby can never can meet up to this.

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chapter 8

characterisation:  tom is seen more so as manipative, Wilson

forshadowing: morning would be too late. reflecting gatsby will die

symbolism: dying orchid- just another moment/ man gone by

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chapter 9

characterisation: funeral reflects other characters in negative light

symbolism: gatsby is the american dream and is the passing dreams unable to be real

forshadowing: linking all the lose ends together

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