The Fourdrinier Process

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The Wet End

  • Wood pulp is first diluted to 99% water and 1% fibre to form a slurry. 
  • The slurry is pumped through a slice onto a belt which vibrates to drain off some of the water, allowing the fibres to interweave. 
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The Press Section

  • A series of presses or rollers are used to wring out the excess water from the pulp as it is stretched out into a rough paper. 
  • The thickness of the paper/board is determined at this stage. 
  • The gap between the rollers is adjusted to allow for different thicknesses. 
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The Dryer Section

  • The paper/card is dried through a series of steam heated rollers by removing any left over moisture. 
  • After this, sizing agents, starches and resins can be added to enhance the paper's properties. 
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The Calendar Section

  • The paper is finally fed through another set of rollers which gives the paper a uniform thickness.
  • The pressure applied to the paper determines it's finish. 

The paper is then wound onto a web after calendaring tobe stored. 

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