The Foreign Policy of Henry and Wolsey (Part 2)

Part two of the Foreign Policy of Henry and Wolsey, Early Modern History 1514-29.

The Imperial Alliance -- 1521-5

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The Treaty of Windsor 1522

Anglo-Imperial Treaty confirmed at the Treaty of Windsor in 1522.

  • Henry to declare war on France if Francis failed to make peace
  • Henry to keep the Channel open for Charles V
  • Charles V to compensate Henry and Wolsey for lost French pensions
  • Charles help Wolsey become pope
    • NB Wolsey never became pope, but it is doubtful if he ever wished to, i.e. he never created any bases of support etc.
  • "The Great Enterprise"
    • H and C to invade France in 1523 with 40,000 men each
    • Princess Mary to marry Charles V when she was 12


  • Mary and Charles to rule "the whole of Christendom"
  • Burgundy was a traditional ally
  • England still independent, France still the enemy, Charles still in family
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The English Campaigns 1522-3

  • 1522: Early of Surrey raided Picardy
  • 1523: Treaty of Windsor stated an invasion of France by Charles V and Henry
    • England attacked, the Duke of Suffolk got within 50 miles of Paris
    • no support from Charles, England forced to retreat

1522-3 alone cost Henry about £400,000

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The Battle of Pavia 1525

  • Feb 1525: Charles V captured Francis I at Pavia
  • Francis sent to Spain
  • Henry wanted to expolit this success
    • Wolsey tried to raise money via tha Amicable Grant, but failed
    • Henry wrote to Charles, suggesting that they "extinct the regiment of the French king and his line... from the crown of France"
      • H to become King of France by "just title of inheritance"
      • C to take French Burgundy


  • Charles refused this, and instead ransomed Francis back to France, and demanded Mary's dowry
  • when H refused, C rejected Mary as a bride
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