The Father

Describes what christians today believe about God the Father.

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God the Father

God the father is creator of heaven and the earth as stated in Genesis 1:1.

God the father is the designer.

He is the sustainer, continues to rule and conrol everything.




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He is almighty, knows all and present

He is...

Omnipotent - all powerful, he can do things we would consider miraculous.

Omnipresent - Always present, always everywhere with us.

Omniscient- all knowing, clever and knows everything.

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Revelation- God reveals what he is like through

the bible,

the son (Jesus)

and the creation.


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Extra Vocab>

He is also transcendant, above and beyond human understanding.

He is Immanent, close to us and caring for us.

Monotheism, the belief that there is only one God.

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