The Experience of Warfare in Britain: Crimea, Boer & The 1WW Part 2

Key Individuals

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Key Indiviuals

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Lord Raglan

  • Appointed to comand the British troops.
  • At the time Religion and his staff, were blamed by the press for the suffering of British soilders.
  • His failings to give content or leave his role lead to a number of mistakes.
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Lord Lucan

  • Made comander of the calvary division.
  • Commanded the light brigade-- the arguments with the other commander is what people blame the losses on.
  • Fired, but recalled and brought back March 1855
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Earl of Cardigan

  • Lead the charge of the light Brigade.
  • Cost the lives of 107 out of 674 people.
  • He refused to listen to instinct and carried on anyway.
  • Thought that he only surrvied because the fled.
  • Missed the Battle of Inkermen
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William Howard Russell

  • Lead to the creditation of Flourence nightengale.
  • Many refused to speak to him.
  • First to show what the war was acutally like.
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Robert Venner


It would help if this person could spell.

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