the events at the battle of the little big horn in 1876

notes on the events at the battle of little big horn in June 1876

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  • 1874- gold discovered in Black Hills which belonged to the Sioux
  • the Sioux refused to sell their land
  • government ordered sioux to move to a reservation but they refused
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Battle preperation

  • US armies led by General's Gibbon and Terry meet at Yellowstone river
  • Gibbon and Terry then march up Little big horn river
  • custer told to march around the Wolf mountains to trap the Sioux
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To the battle

  • sioux are joined by other tribes totaling 3000 warriors
  • custer went through not around the wolf mountains so he would get there first. This tired his men
  • Custer weakened his forces by splitting his 600 men into 3 groups
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custers last stand

  • custer had a arguement with Capitain Benteen and Major Reno
  • he sent Benteen on ahead scouting for indians
  • he sent Reno to attack Sioux village from the south
  • custer headed north with 215 men against 3000 indians
  • custer arrived a day early so he had no support from General's Gibbon and Terry
  • sioux cut of custer and reno
  • Benteen managed to rescue reno and his men but custer and all his men died
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