The events after the Watershed Year (1525)

The Treaty of Westminster 1527

England and France Cemented their alliance

In which Princess Mary was once more presented as a diplomatic marriage for either Francis or his second son

Henry also threatened Charles with an armed intervention if no peace attempts were made

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Sacking of Rome 1527

Imperial Troops sacked Rome in which the Pope was taken prisoner

This was bad for Henry as he wanted an annullment for his marraige to Catherine of Aragon and she was Charles's Aunt, meaning that he would be unwilling to allow the Pope to do such things when he was under his control

Also Wolsey did not have the power to act without the Pope

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Pope Released -End of 1527

Charles released to Pope, however he still remained a tight grip on the Popeand Italy, meaning it was still unlikely that an annullment would be managed through the Pope as Charles would have stepped in to stop it

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1528- Wolsey declared war on Charles, yet the English never mobilized

June 1529- Charles emphatic victory at Landriano

August 1529- Peace of Cambrai; France, Spain, and the Papacy sighed, this left Charles in control of Italy. 

It isolated England, also ending Wolsey's chance of getting an annulment through Rome

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