The Eucharist

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The last supper

  • Mark 14:22-25
  • "Take it, for it is my body"
  • “This is my blood, which confirms the covenant[a] be- tween God and his people. It is poured out as a sacrifice for many"
  • during mass, transubstantiation occurs which is when the bread and wine are turned into the body and blood of Christ
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For Roman Catholics

  • the Eucharist is a great way to give thanks
  • it re-enacts the last supper
  • it enables Catholics to come together in a community
  • Jesus is fully present in the bread and wine
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Other names for the Eucharist


  • focuses on the idea of eating together in a community
  • refers to the moment that you receive the bread and wine


  • means 'go you are sent'
  • means that once Christians have received the bread and wine they have a duty to go back out into the world and lead Christian lives.


  • reminds Christians about what Jesus did at the last supper


  • reminds Christians that the bread is broken and shared
  • also reminds us that Jesus' body is broken when he was crucified
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The mass

  • introduction: opening prayer, Christians can say sorry for what they have done wrong (penitential rite)
  • liturgy of the word: Readings, the priest will read the Gospel and explain it in his Homily
  • liturgy of the Eucharist: Transubstantiation in the Eucharistic prayer, communion, say the
    “Our Father”
  • thanks giving and dismissal
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What Catholics believe about the Eucharist

  • it's important that Christians re enact the last supper
  • through transubstantiation the bread and wine is transformed into the body and blood of Jesus. This means that Jesus is fully present in the bread and wine
  • this is called the Real Presence
  • it means Christians believe that they can get close to Jesus
  • “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
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What other Christians believe about the Eucharist


  • they believe in the transubstantiation and the "real presence" of Jesus in the bread and wine
  • believe that in the Eucharist heaven and earth are united
  • Eucharist happens behind the iconostasis
  • hymns and readings and the gospel is read behind the iconostasis
  • the bread is served on a spoon which has been dipped in the wine
  • do not believe in the transubstantiation
  • church of England believe in consubstantiation (Jesus is present in a spiritual way, not physically)
  • Methodists and baptist churches see it as a reminder of the last supper and Jesus' death and resurrection
  • do not celebrate the Eucharist
  • they come together on a Sunday and sit quietly waiting for someone to be inspired by the Holy Spirit
  • they are open to prayer
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