The end of life: Key Words

OCR GCSE Religious Studies B Topic 3 The end of life key words :)

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The end of life: Key Words

Soul: Christians believe the soul is a non-physical, immortal part of the body that continues after death and is the connection with God

Salvation: Jesus came to earth to save people from their sins and achieved salvation through his sacrifice in death on the cross

Redemption: The idea that sins can be forgiven and a person can be redeemed. Jesus is the redeemer as he died for the sins of the whole world

Funeral: The ceremony that occurs after someone has died

Eulogy: Speech at a funeral after someone has died

Committal: Actions that take place when a body is buried or cremated

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The end of life: Key Words

Judge: God as a judge to determine whether a person goes to heaven or heall after death

Day of Judgement: The day when God will judge everyone according to their actions and faith on earth

Purgatory: Souls receiving spiritual cleansing after death, in preparation for Heavan

Heaven: A Christian idea of paradise where the soul goes after death
if it is free from sin to have eternal life with God.

Hell: Christians believe is punishment after death for souls that are not free from sin; a place of torment and suffering without God

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