The End of Life

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Body And Soul

According to the bible; God created humans in his image

 The Soul

  • Its Non-physical and immortal (it never dies and goes to heaven)
  • All humans have soul and the soul is the breath of life God gave to Adam
  •  When Eve picked fruit from Tree of Knowledge she introduced 'Original Sin' 
  • Original sin is cleansed when someone is baptised
  • When Jesus died and was resserected, he atoned for Original sin
  • Humans were therefore forgiven of their sins because Jesus death cleansed humanity. Immortal souls could reach heaven. 
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Life after Death

Christians believe because of Jesus crucifixtion they have no original sin so have a chance to go to heaven depending on their life. 

  • Christians believe Jeses will return to earth and God will judge everone (The day of judgement - 1 Corinthians in the bible)
  • Some christians believe that judgement takes place when you die - others believe in 'The day of Judgement'
  • Christians believe if you ignored the teachings of God then you go to hell - Eternal Punishment
  • If you accepted the teachings you go to heaven.

What is Purgatory?
A roman catholic belief that if you have commited some sins you go here where you are fully cleansed until you are ready to go to heaven. People go from purgatory to heaven but never to hell.  

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Beliefs about heaven

Christians believe death isn't something to fear but look forward to a place where you will live happily with god. 


  • In the middle ages it was a place where angles sang on clouds - based on teachings found in the Old Testament.
  • In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament - heaven = no more suffering where God rules
  • One idea of heaven is that when you go you will see a Beatific vision (See God)  = total happiness
  • Some christians believe in the statement in Apostles Creed means that when you go to heaven your in your body.
  • Many christians believe that heavn is something like a state of mind not a physical thing.
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Beliefs about hell and purgatory

Chritian teaching about hell and purgatory vary. Few believe they are physical places. 

  • Originally christian teachings = people who didn't except Jesus as their saviour go to hell.
  • Hell = a place of torture with everlasting fires
  • Most christians today believe hell is a state of mind. 
  • If people have heard of Jesus and not followed him they cannot enter heaven
  • Roman catholics believe that heaven is not 'closed' to those who didn't find chirstianity.
  • Roman catholics believe few people are ready for heaven when they die
  • When these people die they go to purgatory rather then heaven. They go here until their souls are ready for heaven

Purgatory is a belief of Roman Catholics but many others do not believe in it as there is nothing in the bible!

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Salvation, Redemption and the suffering of Christ

Chiristianity = through Jesus suffering humanity recieved redemption (allowed humans the possibility of reaching heaven) To reach heaven, God will judge people in how they have lived their lives. 

  •  2 kinds of teaching in Chirsianity
    -General judgement (God passes his final sentance on the whole of humanity as well as the soul   and body of each person)
    - Particular judgement (judgement given to everyone after they die)
  • Jesus death cleansed humanity so immortal souls can now reach heaven
  • Chirsitans believe they will be judged on the concern they show others. People who care for others will recieve eternal life others will be punished in hell
  • Christians believe they will recieve salvation and redemption through devotion to Jesus
  • Roman Catholics believe some people can lead better lives by confessing their sins to a preist. 
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Funeral Rites

Funeral services are an oppertunity for the friends and relatives of the dead person to show respect and say goodbye. Christian services are based on teachings of the bible

  • When a christian is dying, a minister will try and visit them to help in preperation for their death. May wish to confess sins and if Roman catholic recieve a sacrement.
  • Usually take place in a church (body is either buried or cremated. 
  • Some christians may have a requim mass at the service
  • Church is often decorated with white flowers to represent new life
  • As body is laid to rest, minister or preist will say 'Ashes to ashes, dust to dust' (Genisis)

Chirstians don't see funerals as sad as they celebrate the new life the dead person will recieve with God. 

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