the electron transport chain


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  •  REDUCED COENZYME, Carries H+ and ELECTRON, to electron transport chain on INNER MITOCHONDRIAL Membrane.
  • Electron, pass from one electron carrier to the next in a series of ,REDOX reaction, the carrier is REDUCED when it Receives the electrons and oxidised when it passes them on.
  • Proton move across the INNER MITOCHONDRIAL membrane creating high H+ concentration in the Intermembrane space.
  • H+ Diffuse back into the Mitochondrial Matrix Down the ELECTROCHEMICAL GRADIENT.
  • H+ Diffusion allows ATPase to catalyse ATP synthesis.
  • Electron and H+ ions recombine to form H atoms which then combine with O2 to create H2O. if the supply of O2 stops, the electron transport chain and ATP synthesis also stop
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types of neurone

Motor Neurones- The cell body is always situated within the central nervous system and the axon extends out,conducting impulses from the CNS

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