The Electro magnetic scale.

These cards might help you understnad radiation a little bit better, it's mainly for P2 but can probably be used for P3 as well. Enjoy.

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The electro magnetic scale.

  • The scale shows how strong a type of radiation is, weak at one end and strong at the other.
  • Radio waves
  • Microwaves
  • infrared
  • visible
  • UV rays
  • X-ray
  • Gamma Ray
  • I was taught a weird rhyme to remember it, it goes like this 'Rachel Makes Iris Visible Using X-Ray Guns .'
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UV Rays.

UV Rays are also known as the sun and as many of you might know staying in the sun to long can cause skin cancer.

Although there are some benefits; Your skin uses the sun to make vitamin D, Vitamin D strengthens bones and muscles, the sun boosts your immune system.

However as with anything there are two sides to one story so with benefits comes risks; UV rays can damage your skin and give you eye problems.

You can protect yourself again the UV rays by doing simple things such as wearing hats and sunglasses, using SPF 15 or higher sun cream.

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Microwaves aren't very strong and are very low on the electro magnetic scale (card 1). They can only travel in straight lines and doesn't penetrate the deeper layers of the body so many don't think it's dangrous but scientists don't yet know the long term effects and they could be bad. As you all know microwaves are used to cook food and they are used by mobile phones to send transmissions.


> cheap to use

> doesn't penetrate deep layers of the body

> doesn't hurt for a long time


> no one knows the full risks yet

> can really hurt after a while.

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You hurt yourself so are taken off to hospital where you are put in for an x-ray to check if your bones are OK. Never really thought about it much, not many people do but in actual fact X-rays can be quite damaging. Ever wondered why they put lead over part of your body, or why the nurse or doctor goes and stands behind a screen of lead? It's because x-rays can penetrate deep layers of your skin and damage you but it can't penetrate lead, not much radiation can penetrate lead.

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