The effects of world war two

in Nazi Germany

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war went well

indroduced rationing of food, clothes, hot water and soap.

this meant two fifths of Germans ate a better if monotonous diet and winterclothes and shoes were very hard to buy.

Luxury goods became available on the black market, very expensive, most went to high ranking Nazis

June 1941 invaded USSR bad move !

propaganda to keep up moral, said many given clothes for army in Russia, encouraged to save fuel work hard and avoid tooth decay. Extra rations were given out at christmas 1942 to keep up morale.

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1943 preparation for total war

All non-essential buisnesse closed

in some places hair dying and perming banned

clothes rationing suspended and manufacture of civilian clothing ended

exchange centres set up

just as much effort and money was put into propaganda

There was a severe labor shortage, most men in the army, In concentration camps Jews/polictical prisoners were worked to their death. captured foreign workers and prisoners were also forced to work in factories or farms.

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by may there were 7 million foreign workers, France holland and belgium had some freedom but Russia and Poland were treated as slaves.

first airaid 1940, by 1943 constant bombing, there were less doctors becuase in army and no Jews.

many germans left the cities and were evacuated to villiages or rural towns. airaid in Hamburg july 1944 lead to firestorm that killed 30 000 people. emergency services couldn't cope and so governmant stepped in and built emergency accomodation.

July 1944 Goebbels- all non-german servants work in factory, railways and postal service reduced, age limit for womens compulsory labour raised to 50, all entertainment except cinemeas was closed down, home guard formed.

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so bad air raids by end of war nearly as many civilians as soldiers (germans) killed.

Ration cards no longer honoured, people relied on black mrket and scavenging

could buy identity cards, as end neared could buy Jewish star of david to put on coat.

in May 1945 Hitler, Goebbels and other Nazi leaders committed suicide among the ruins of Berlin.

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operation Valkyrie july 1944

Tried to kill Hitler, run by Count von Staffenburg , General Ludwig Beck and Dr Carl Goedeler.

Von Staffenburg originally supported Nazis but saw war in Russia and the brutality of the **

bombs in a suitcase to kill Hitler and then other plotters would take over Berlin

Plants bomb but someone moves suitcase so when goes off Hitler singed but not killed

Other plotters did little in Berlin, plot failed, leaders executed.

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