The effects of technological changes on society

These are cards are for A2 graphics and a brief explanation of the effects of technological changes on society and how comusers changed and new ones came about. Also how the industry targeted the consumer.

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Mass production and consumer society

  • The Industrial revolution started with the invetion of the steam engine by James Watts in 1765.
  • Lots of new fields of Design were needed to accomodate this, as there was change in production, transportation and workforce.
  • Population grew in towns and cities, so more people needed products and mass production increased.
  • Products for rich classes were now at affordable prices or working class.
  • Mass consumerism developed in the 1930s out of popular culture, lifestyle and fashion.
  • Transportation systems developed so there was oppotunities for product design such as areoplanes, ships, hotels etc.
  • Advertising and marketing became a massive part of industry. By creating packaging and asthetially pleasing products.
  • After WW2 there was a period of hardship however, by the mid 1950s a new comsumer society was born, the teenager. They started to rebel against there parents and start their own styles.
  • Design evolved to facilitate for the teens and incorporating high fashion and goods for the youth culture.
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Targeting Children as a new comsumer

  • Modern mass consumerism is the targeting of young children in order to stimulate interest from a early age.
  • Sue palmer's book DETOXING CHILDHOOD, outlimnes marketing stratergies to tagert children.
  • They can be targeted by tv adverts, internet, email and even chat rooms to gain interest.
  • Movie merchandise is a big target for children, which gets alot of publicity and money or its wide range of toys and posters.

"Kids are ground older younger" which shows a childs nature to play grown ups and target them with mini-supermarkets to emulate real life.

"Gotta catch 'em all" This plays on childs nature to collect things like pokenmon cards, even though with new designs its difficult to collect them all.

"The culture of cool" which plays on the childs need to be excepted by wearing the right brands.

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Built-in obsolescences

  • Its is a method of stimulating consumer demand by design products that will wear out after limited use.
  • By the 1950s built-in obsoleescenes had been adopted into industries.
  • Nowadays products like laptops are obsolete as soon as they are purchased.
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Mass production and its effect upon employment

  • As a result of the industrial revolution craftspeople were being replaced by low-skills workers in factories.
  • Low wages and poor living and working conditions changed the view of a new exciting oppotunity to that or misery.
  • Workers uprisings were common and poverty was increasing.
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