The effectiveness of television

Overview of the effectiveness of television for A2 psychology AQA

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Psychology and Advertising - hard and soft sell ad

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Product Endorsement

Parasocial relationships provide a trustworthy and reliable endorsement of a product that makes us more willing to try it.

one way celebrity endorsement can work is by transforming the image of the product through its association with a particular celebrity

Walker et al found that the same participants rated the same products differently when endorsed by different celebrities for example a video recorder was rated differently when promoted by Madonna then when promoted by model Christie Brinkly

Another study that you should read over for this is a longer one by Giles (2003) about the 'more th>n' advert from 2001 which will provide you with some more good A02 you can find this in the aqa collins book on page 423.

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Does celebirty endorsement work?

  • there are alot of anecdotal accounts of the success of celebirty endorsment however research for the effectivness is less conclusive.
  • in study of persuasiveness using over 5000 tv adverts by Hume 1992 he found celeberity endorsement didn't enhance persuasion

Impact of advertising

  • study by Cornstock and Scharrer 1999 80% if viewers were likely to leave the room when adverts came on or fastforward them if possible
  • Bushman 1998 found that both violent and humorous programmes were associated with low levels of recall for advertisements
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Adveristing and Children - do children understand?

Robertson and Rossiter investigated whether children could discern the difference between commercials and regular programmes and found...

  • as children get older they are better able to discriminate berween commercial advertisements and regular programming
  • the findings also suggest when a child attributes persuasive intent to commericials they trust them less, like them less and are less likely to want the products advertised.
  • Collins AQA A2 page 424
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Pester power and the effectiveness of childrens ad

Will be completed shortly......

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